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Restore Floating Bin Back into Bin Panel

If for whatever reason you find yourself in a floating fiasco, there are simple ways to restore the bin back into the Bin Panel Tab.

Option 1: When you can see the floating bin

  • The easiest way to bring them back is to click on the upper tab while pressing Option and drag it over to the tabs. The top tab will appear as a blue over the top of the other bin tab.

    If you click and drag, but don't press Option, four blue highlights will appear. These highlights show where you can attach the second bin within the bin panel itself. In this example the bin is placed side by side.

Option 2: When you can't find your floating bin

  • If the floating bin is in an area that you can’t see or reach you can go to Windows select the bin you are looking for. Then go the Center current, which will move the selected bin to the center of your screen and from there you can use the above method to add it back to a single window

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