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Recover Bins Using the Unity Attic

Screenshot File Explorer with Unity attic on the Y Drive

Should you ever need to recover an older version of a bin from a shared project, the Unity Attic is the place to look. It works as a local Avid Attic does (which is archaic, to say the least!) To recover work from the attic, follow these steps:

  1. Find the version of the bin you want to recover in the Unity Attic folder
  2. Using File Explorer, copy it to your shared project folder and give the bin a new name indicating it has been recovered. Change the file's number suffix (.#) to a standard .avb.
  3. In Avid, right-click the project window and refresh the project. Close the original bin (they can't be opened at the same time), then open your recovery bin.
  4. If you wish to keep the recovered bin, delete the other version of the bin and replace it with the recovered bin

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