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Configure Fullscreen Playback on Avid Media Composer

Do you have an additional monitor you want to use as a playback monitor? We got you. 

For the best performance, we recommend matching your playback monitor's resolution with your sequence's resolution, which is likely 1920x1080.

macOS 12 and lower macOS 13 and higher Windows 10/11
  1. Completely close the PCoIP Client app
  2. Go to System Preferences > Displays
  3. Press the Display Settings button
  4. Select the monitor you would like to use as your fullscreen playback monitor on the left
  5. Then, under Resolution, select "Scaled" and change the dropdown menu to 1920x1080, or a resolution close to 1080p
  6. Open the PCoIP Client application
  7. Go to Window > Show Fullscreen All Monitors
  8. Open your project in Avid Media Composer
  9. In your user settings, go to Fullscreen Playback
  10. Drag the Fullscreen Playback dialogue box to your playback monitor
  11. Press the Select Monitor button and then OK
  12. Use Command + Shift + F to enable or disable fullscreen playback

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