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Restart Your Workstation

If you feel that your workstation needs a refresh, you can reboot it independently. To do so:

  1. Close all applications and wait for the desktop to appear
  2. Press the Windows button on the lower left of your screen to open the Start menu, click Power, and finally, Restart
  3. Your workstation will automatically end your remote session once it starts to reboot
  4. Allow 5-7 minutes for the reboot to complete before you log in again with PCoIP Client

An arrow presses the Windows button on the lower left of the screen to open the Start menu. The arrow moves up and clicks the Power icon. Then the arrow selects Restart. The screen shuts off.

If you accidentally shut down or otherwise can't access it after 10 minutes (E.g. PCoIP Client "Failed to communicate with the Connection Manager") contact support.

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