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Share Workstation Access

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Sharing a workstation requires your project coordinator's approval and internal configuration by Frame One Support. To begin the process, contact Frame One Support

To properly share a workstation, users need to understand the difference between disconnecting from the workstation using PCoIP Client and signing out of Windows on the workstation, as only one user can be signed in to Windows at a given time. 

When you log in to PCoIP Client and reach your desktop, your account simultaneously signs in to Windows on your workstation. You can run apps, save files, and work. When you disconnect or quit the PCoIP Client, any active applications on your workstation stay running while you are away. This is because you are only disconnecting your PCoIP Client session, but your user account remains signed in to Windows.

Using the Windows Sign Out command is a more thorough way to end a remote session. This process prepares the workstation for another user to sign in (even if it's you again.) To sign out:

  1. Save and close out of all work and applications.
  2. Use the Windows Start Menu to select your user name, then Sign Out. 

Screenshot Start Menu Sign Out button


If you ever start a PCoIP session and see another person's name on a workstation's lock screen, that person did not use the Sign Out command before you connected to it. Ask your teammate connect to the workstation and sign out properly before you connect to the workstation again.

Forcing Sign Outs

If you are unable to reach a teammate who forgot to sign out, Frame One Support may be able to force their session to end. This process carries some risks. Forcing a sign out may leave "phantom" locks in projects or bins that your partner had open. In worse cases, unsaved work or in-progress file creation may be lost or corrupted.

Credential Sharing

You may be tempted to share your password when you've locked out a teammate, but we urge you not to do so. The security of your team's projects are compromised by credential sharing. Frame One monitors for credential sharing, and will force password resets when it is detected. If you need help accessing your workstations, contact support.

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