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Request a Firewall Exception

The internet has been disabled on your workstation to ensure the security of your awesome content

By default, internet access is restricted for most projects editing on Frame One.

You can request access to specific sites on your workstation by contacting support and CC-ing your project coordinator with the site(s) requested. With your production coordinator's approval, access may be granted by workstation or project-wide basis. It is their responsibility to ensure the access does not breach the security requirements of your distributor.

Restricted Sites

We have also recently implemented a new internet access policy for remote workstations to protect our users' content further.  We are currently rolling that out to all workstations.

be accessedThe new policy prevents access to a number of categories of websites, including obviously nefarious ones (malware, viruses, hacking, etc.), inappropriate ones (adult content, hate speech, illegal drugs, etc.), and sites that shouldn't need to be access from an editorial workstation (gaming, gambling, online shopping, banks, social networks, etc.)

We take the safety of your content very seriously and this is just one of the many new ways that we are creating the safest environment for you to edit.  If you need to access any sites blocked on your remote workstation, you can still access them from a web browser running on your personal computer.

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