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Installing Fonts

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Why hold yourself to Times New Roman? There's a wide world of fonts to add personality and character to your edits. The installation processes vary depending on where you source your font files, so find the instructions below that match your needs best.

.OTFs and .TTFs

Instant classics, .otf and .ttf font files are the simplest to install. Place the font files in a folder on shared storage and direct your team to their location. Each person should right-click on the fonts and select "install for this user." No administrator credentials are needed unless you require the fonts for use with Subcap. Just restart your applications for the fonts to appear. If you plan to use SubCap, contact support for help with installation.

True Type Collections (.TTC)

.TTC files are a package of true-type fonts. You'll need to run them through an extraction tool like this one to install the font files therein.

Adobe Fonts

If you're editing in Premiere (or your whole team otherwise has an active Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription), you may utilize the Adobe Fonts website to install and activate fonts. If your production provides your credentials to Creative Cloud, each team member should sign into the website with the same credentials as their workstation and then activate them on each font's webpage. If Frame One is providing your Creative Cloud account, contact support with the links to any font families you wish to activate. You should not need to restart any Adobe applications for the fonts to appear once they are activated.

PostScript Type Fonts

These vector-based fonts were originally created in the 80's. Though most modern operating systems still include code for their display, most computers (including ours) no longer allow installing them. If you have a font in this old format, contact the font creator and ask for a more modern version; otherwise, seek an alternative font.

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