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Change New Avid Interface back to Classic Interface

Is the new default Avid interface not for you? Lets get it back to how it should be ;-)

Floating Panels

Floating Bins

  1. Open the Avid Settings > User > Bin ; then change the default setting for double clicking a bin to "float the bin" save your settings and close the window
  2. Close any open bin containers, then use the tools menu to open the original project window
  3. Float as many or all of the windows in the rails as you see fit. Adjust the window size of the main host panel (grey background) to be small enough to dock one window (eg the composer window) to it
  4. If you have additional displays with host panels, disable them by unchecking them in the Windows toolbar > host panels

Opening New Bins

Save Custom Workspace

Restore Custom Workspace

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