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Classic Title Tool Problem

Avid title tool window showing all white screen

If you work with multiple monitors and the classic title tool, it's possible you'll encounter this bug. The source of the problem is that the classic Title Tool interface won't render correctly if you have two displays that aren't aligned at the top. If you do have two displays, follow these steps below to fix the problem.

  1. Quit out of Avid
  2. Disconnect from your remote workstation
  3. Open your macOS System Preferences
  4. Navigate to the Displays panel, then to the Alignment tab
  5. Arrange your displays so that the top of each is aligned
  6. Reconnect to your remote workstation and launch Avid. The Title Tool should now work correctly!

Gif showing the Mac system settings Displays page; the mouse selects the arrange button, then drags the secondary display to the same height as the primary display. The mouse clicks ok to finalize the change.

PCoIP Client always syncs the personal monitor configuration to your remote workstation when you establish a new connection.  The reason we quit Avid is simply because Avid can get a little confused when adjusting your monitor configuration while it's open, so may as well avoid any issues. If these steps solved your problem, terrific! If you still are encountering issues, Contact Support!

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