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No Sound when Switching Audio Interfaces

If you switch audio interfaces while connected to a remote workstation and no longer hear anything, you encountered a bug with PCoIP audio routing. Though Teradici has made significant improvements to audio routing in recent versions of PCoIP Client, we still highly recommend wired headphones for the best experience on Frame One.

If you encounter audio routing issues, first download and install the latest PCoIP Client from our installation page. The latest versions include bug fixes that address many previous audio problems. If you're a macOS user on 10.14 or older, you will need to upgrade to 10.15 to get these improvements. If upgrading to 10.15 is not a possibility, read below for a workaround.

For Users with older versions of PCoIP Client

When PCoIP Client begins a session with your remote workstation, the software "latches" onto whichever audio interface is in use at the time of connection. In legacy versions of PCoIP, the application doesn't scan for changes to audio interfaces after starting a session. If you switch outputs while using legacy PCoIP, you must disconnect and reconnect to your workstation to start streaming audio again.

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