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If Your Workstation Feels Laggy or Unresponsive

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Is your remote workstation stuttering with playback or window movement? Are keystrokes late or your commands unresponsive? These may be indications of problems with the connection between your personal computer and remote workstation. Consider these steps to remedy your problems.

Connection Speed

Though most connections to Frame One don't take much bandwidth, the connection speed from your internet service provider (ISP) can be a factor, especially if you share your connection with others. To ensure the smoothest experience we recommend you have at least 75 mb/s download speed if you work alone or 150 mb/s if you share a connection with roommates, family, or colleagues. If your connection speed is on the lower end, it may be worthwhile to check if other devices or apps on your network may be hogging bandwidth. Experiment with pausing connections from other devices or apps to check if it remedies the issue.

Connection Quality

A fast connection can accelerate file transfers and boost traditional video streaming quality, but when it comes to remote editing, connection quality is an even more important factor. Your workstation sends frames to your personal computer as fast as it can generate them, and there's little to no buffer for preloading content or sending corrections (as is possible with pre-recorded video) as a result. If your connection quality is poor, frames may be dropped or commands may be missed or appear late. Responsiveness and playback problems are almost always a result of connection quality.


There are many environmental factors that can affect wifi performance. The density of the walls surrounding you, your location relative to your router, neighboring wifi traffic, and even microwave ovens can affect how well it works. What works sufficiently one day can be sub-par the next due to ever-changing environmental variables. We highly recommend using an ethernet connection for your internet access because it removes these variables. We recognize that many homes have unique challenges when trying to run a direct line from your computer to your router. Some computers don't natively have an ethernet port, and require an external dongle or dock. Despite the potential hassle, we can't recommend ethernet connections directly to routers enough, as it is nearly guaranteed to be a boon to your experience on Frame One.


Connection quality issues may also occur somewhere between your home and ISP. This is especially true with cable modems. Rebooting your modem and/or router by unplugging it for 2 minutes may do a lot of good in resetting the connection with your ISP and improving your performance. If you are still experiencing quality issues, we recommend contacting your ISP and requesting in-home service.

Other Hardware

If you are hardwired and a modem/router reset has not improved the connection, restart and test any hardware between you and your modem. Ethernet switches, cables, and external adapters can all fail or require resets.

If none of these steps help and you're still having issues, contact Frame One Support. for help diagnosing your connection.

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