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Multiple Workstations at Once

When you have multiple workstations assigned, you may at one point wish you could access both at the same time instead of logging out of one to connect to the other. Well, there is an easy solution for Mac users. Terminal can be used to run multiple instances of the PCoIPClient to connect to your various workstations!

  • Go to your Applications folder and right-click on  PCoIPClient, which will give you the option to Show
    Package Contents. That will let you peek inside the actual structure within the app.

  • From there, go to Contents/MacOS. In there, you'll see a file called PCoIPClient.  Every time you open that, PCoIPClient will launch a Terminal window along with a new instance of the PCoIP Client.

    You have to leave Terminal open since it's actually what's running the program, so you can either ignore it or minimize it.
  • When you bring up a new instance of the client, it will bring up the Security settings for Microphone Access and Accessibility Access. You can ignore these, as you should have already enabled the security settings you need.

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