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Copy Data with Verification (for Free!)

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Though regular copy/paste works well enough for everyday data, for mission-critical backups, you really should copy with verification. For a while, the film industry standard for this has been ShotPut, which works great but is expensive. Read below if you're interested in a (potentially) free alternative, and email Frame One Support if you need help with an installation.

In DaVinci Resolve and Resolve Studio, the built-in clone tool is up to the task! 

  1. First, use Windows File Explorer to create destination folder(s) for the data you plan to move in spec with your team's file naming and organization conventions
  2. Next, navigate to the Media Tab in Resolve and select the clone tool from the top left corner of the interface
  3. Use the three-dot menu at the top of the tool to select "Preserve folder name"
  4. Click and drag source and destination folders from the media storage window 
  5. Optionally, use the add job button to queue additional copies
  6. Press the clone button and allow time to copy

If you prefer to do verified copies without an editing program, request an installation of TeraCopy from Frame One Support.

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