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Deliver and Manage External Drives

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If your team needs to work with a lot of data quickly, Frame One's Drive Drop locations are up to the task. Our industry partners receive, virus scan, and host external drives on servers connected to our network, allowing for access, no matter the locale of your assistant editors (AEs) or workstations.

Drive Drop Locations

Final Frame Logo

Final Frame — 23rd Street
71 West 23rd Street, 19th Floor
New York, NY 10010
+1 (212) 691-2580

Drive Drop locations are coming soon to Los Angeles and London. For now, all deliveries may be shipped or hand-delivered to our partners at Final Frame NYC. Please note that same-day drive mounts must be completed during offices hours 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM ET weekdays. You can write to drives@frameone.com to confirm holiday hours.

External Drive Requirements

All drives must adhere to the guidelines below before we can mount them. For ease and speed of connection, prepare drives to our specifications before sending them into the field:

  • No two drives may have the same name (ExFAT formatted drives may be 12 characters max)
  • Company name, Project ID, and drive name must be physically labeled on the external drive and its box
  • Power cables must be included if they are needed to mount the drive
  • Formatted drive names starting with the associated Project ID
  • All media must be on physical drives (e.g., we do not accept camera memory cards)

A Project ID is a unique 4-character code assigned when a project joins Frame One. If you do not know your project's ID, contact Frame One Support. We highly recommend teams keep a drive log to track external drive names and contents. In this example (and below) #### serves as a placeholder for a given project's ID.

Guidelines for Empty Drives

If you ship a new (empty) drive directly from a vendor to a Drive Drop, the name for the delivery should include your project ID and company name, care of Frame One. Send tracking info, naming, and formatting information to drives@frameone.com along with drive mounting directions (detailed below.)

Overview: Delivery to Mounting

Support can't guarantee the timely execution of your request unless notified directly, so avoid leaving mounting instructions with a Drive Drop location. Instead email drives@frameone.com. Frame One Support will coordinate connecting your drive(s) to a Drive Server, and then contact the AEs you specified in your instructions. 

Each AE then signs onto their workstation with a Support Tea, Technician to network mount a drive. If an AE has access to multiple workstations, the process repeats on each workstation they access.

Drive servers, are computers at drop locations connected to Frame One's network. They host external drives on secure fiber so your team may work with them from anywhere in the world. Drive servers are excellent for tasks like media copying and transcoding, but are not built for live editing. Care should be taken by AEs to avoid linking media directly to Drive Servers in editor projects.

Ejecting, Storing, or Moving Drives

External drives remain powered on and connected to a drive server until Support is directed to move them, so we highly recommend including an estimated ejection date with your mounting instructions to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your devices. For shuttle drives, we ask teams to mount for no longer than a week at a time. For OCM Master/Backup drives, we ask that you disconnect them between uses too. Any AE may request a drive to be ejected or remounted, but all shipping or pick-up requests require a project coordinator's approval. Any movement request may be sent to drives@frameone.com.


Though remote use of external drives is a little more complicated than local work, our policies are designed to make your remote operations as smooth and safe as possible. If you yourself will work with external drives on Frame One, continue reading here about the optimal use of them on your workstation.

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